Sonderlust and the Bloom Bursary

Sonderlust and the Bloom Bursary

ChatWorthy Digital Marketing is happy to help support Sonderlust with their latest initiative – The Bloom Bursary.

The organization’s unique offering will grant funding to one Canadian womxn (woman) recipient – eligible coast-to-coast. 

The Bloom Bursary is made possible by The Saol Project, a small-scale flower farm and floral design studio located  near Guelph, Ontario. The Saol Project upholds its dedication to community and collaboration by donating 30% of its annual profits to various charities and non-profit organizations in the region.

The recipient will be announced on International Women’s Day: March 8th, 2020. Good luck ladies, we’re happy to help and we can’t wait to see the results.

For more information, visit Sonderlust.


New ChatWorthy Website

New ChatWorthy Website

It’s always the way, the company that makes things, is alway the slowest to implement their own. 

After five years with our existing website, we decided it was time for a lighter, cleaner look. 

We’ve launched our new scaled down, SEO optimized website to the region. Thanks to our web whiz, Marty Lachance for putting this together.

Google is that you?

Google is that you?

Many of my clients get calls from “Google”. If you could see me now, you’d see my use of air quotes.

“Google” tells them lots of interesting things:

  1. Their business is going to get delisted
  2. Their business listing is just plain wrong
  3. They need to submit their business listing with the search engines

All scamming nonsense and these calls are not from Google.

Google doesn’t care about your listing…in terms of if it’s right or ranked highly. That’s up to you to do things correctly…or hire ChatWorthy of course to help you.

The people on the other end of the phone are in fact scammers who will charge you $200+ to “list” your company with Google or somehow flip a switch to get you a higher ranking within the Google Search algorithms.

Don’t fall for it.

If you don’t have a listing anywhere within Google or haven’t claimed the one they have auto-generated for you…never let them walk you through the process of verification. They will take your business listing to ensure you do business with them – all while providing absolutely no services.

If you have questions about how Google works and how to improve your business listing, just give us a call or send us a message, we’d be happy to help.

ChatWorthy at Saint Luke’s Place Golf Tournament

ChatWorthy at Saint Luke’s Place Golf Tournament

On July 11, 2019, we were happy to provide media for the 1st Annual Saint Luke’s Place Golf Tournament. The event was a great success despite the 20-minute downpour. Everyone had fun while funds were raised for their Long Term Care.

Saint Luke’s Place continues to be a tremendous asset to our community. Their Long Term Care unit provides care to those who have already been great assets to their community.

We were onsite all day providing the photography… as well are moral support for those once-a-year golfers. Congrats to all involved.

You can view all photos of the day from the Saint Luke’s Place blog –>

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